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2018: The Year of Balance

For the next few weeks, I’ll be reflecting on 2017: the ups, downs, lefts, rights, and off-road adventures. 2017 was by far the most dynamic year of my almost seventeen years of existence, and it was a very important year of personal growth. I accomplished many of my goals, but I also pushed the limits of my physical and mental capabilities. In light of all that I learned in 2017, my theme word for 2018 is balance.… Read More 2018: The Year of Balance

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NSLI-Y 201: Application Advice

The NSLI-Y application has many components, and it can definitely be an intimidating process! Here, I break down and offer advice for each section to hopefully make the application less scary. As a two-time (and soon to be three-time!) NSLI-Y applicant, I’ve included insight into what I think helped me succeed with my second application. NSLI-Y was such an incredible experience, and I hope this post enables you to gain the opportunity to have a similarly life-changing experience… Read More NSLI-Y 201: Application Advice

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One Girl, Four Languages, Infinite Pathways

A little over one month ago, I started a petition to protect foreign language programs in our schools in light of the Trump administration’s proposed education budget. The voice of a small city girl has now been joined by over 1000 supporters. If you haven’t already, please read, sign, and share the petition, which includes a basic overview of critical points. But why is this cause so important to me? And why should you care too? Here’s some food for thought derived from my personal language learning journey… Read More One Girl, Four Languages, Infinite Pathways