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NSLI-Y 201: Application Advice

The NSLI-Y application has many components, and it can definitely be an intimidating process! Here, I break down and offer advice for each section to hopefully make the application less scary. As a two-time (and soon to be three-time!) NSLI-Y applicant, I’ve included insight into what I think helped me succeed with my second application. NSLI-Y was such an incredible experience, and I hope this post enables you to gain the opportunity to have a similarly life-changing experience… Read More NSLI-Y 201: Application Advice


The First Meeting // NSLI-Y Seoul PDO Day 1

For every NSLI-Yian, the two-day pre-departure orientation (PDO) marks the official start of long awaited adventures. You finally get to meet the other students with whom you’ll be studying for the next six to eight weeks! For me, PDO made everything finally feel real. I was granted the incredible opportunity to study Korean while immersed in the language and culture, and I fully intended to make the most of it. Everyday was a new adventure! Check out my first vlog… Read More The First Meeting // NSLI-Y Seoul PDO Day 1