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South Korea Bucket List

Here’s to an eventful summer of warm memories and crazy adventures.

As this will be my first trip ever to South Korea, there are many things I’m looking forward to! I likely won’t be able to do all of these things this summer, but I’ll continue working on this list on other future trips to South Korea!


To be honest, I’m probably most excited for all of the delicious Korean food. Although I often make Korean food with my family and have eaten many Korean dishes, I’m excited to try some more authentic and new treats! I’m going to push myself out of my comfort zone, and I’m going to attempt to avoid saying no to trying seemingly “weird” foods (e.g. silkworm pupae)!

  • Make 김치 (kimchi)
  • Eat street food (but more specifically, try some new foods!)
    • 회오리 감자 (hweori gamja, “tornado” potato on a stick)
    • 계란빵 (gyeranbbang, egg bread)
    • 번데기(beondegi, silkworm pupae)
    • 순대 (sundae, blood sausage)
    • 꿀타래(kkultarae, dragon beard candy)
    • 뽑기 (bbopgi, sugar and baking soda candy)
  • Eat 빙수 (bingsu, Korean shaved ice)
  • Visit a convenience store and make 라면 (ramyun)
  • Drink bubble tea
  • Try a unique flavor of ice cream at Baskin Robbins
  • Try 육회 (yukhoe, raw beef)
  • Order a Korean-style pizza
  • Drink banana milk
  • Grill 삼겹살(samgyeopsal, grilled pork belly)
  • Eat Korean fried chicken (a different kind of KFC haha)
  • Get honeycomb ice cream at Softree
  • Try super expensive gourmet fruit
  • Eat Oreo cereal
  • Try a unique menu item at McDonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks
  • Drink coffee at the First Shop of Coffee Prince


  • Walk/bike along the 한강 (Han River)
    • Ride a swan boat
  • Go to 제주도 (Jeju Island)
  • Take a picture with the statue of 세종대왕 (King Sejong) at 광화문광장 (Gwanghwamun Square)
  • Watch the royal guard changing ceremony at 경복궁(Gyeongbokgung Palace)
  • Tour a traditional house at 북촌한옥마을 (Bukchon Hanok Village)
  • Hike on 남산 (Namsan)
  • Take a cable car and go to the top of N Seoul Tower
  • Play at Everland or Lotte World
  • Take a tour of the DMZ
  • Cheer at a baseball game at 잠실야구관 (Jamsil Baseball Stadium)
  • Take weird pictures at the Trick Eye Museum
  • Pick live seafood at 노량진시장
  • Visit Toto’s Nostalgia Museum
  • Visit a Buddhist temple
  • Learn 사투리 (satoori, accent) in 부산 (Busan)


  • Sing in a 노래방 (noraebang, karaoke room)
  • Buy Korean makeup and get free samples
  • Go to a 찜질방 (jjimjilbang, sauna) and fold a 양머리 (yangmeori, “sheep head”) towel
  • Go to a K-pop concert or music show taping
  • Make sticker pictures in a photo booth
  • Buy Korean clothes
  • Watch a movie in Korean
  • Wear a 한복 (hanbok, traditional Korean clothing)
  • Visit themed cafes (dog, Hello Kitty, raccoon, etc.)
  • Try bamboo salt toothpaste
  • Buy cute socks
  • Get my fortune told
  • Work out on exercise machines in parks
  • Try the lie detector hand zapper with friends
  • Play go-stop

As I check off items on this list, I’ll come back and update this post with photos. If you have any suggestions, please comment them below!

3 thoughts on “South Korea Bucket List

  1. -청계천에서 산책하기
    -찜질방은 용산에서 Dragon Hill Spa라는 데가 있어. 거기 서울에서 최고다
    -노래방은 홍대 노래방 가지말고 (돈 낭비) 신촌에서 1시간 5천원 짜리 노래방이 있어 서비스도 많이 줘 오빠가 5천원 주고 2시간동안 했다. 위치는 나중에 알려줄게
    -빙수는 설빙라는 곳에 가야지 (인절미 추천 아니면 여름이니까 딸기 아니면 망고 빙수 추천). 아니면 전통적인 빙수 먹으려면 옥루몽라는 빙수집이 있어 (이대어학당 맞은편) 거기는 진짜 팥빙수를 먹을 있어.
    -치킨 먹으려면 홍대에서 노랑통닭 치킨집 강요 추천
    -고기구이는 연희동에 있는 식당이 있어 캠핑시티라고 거기 캠핑분위기로 고기구이 즐길 수 있다
    -광화문에 세종대왕과 인순신 하고 같이 셀카 촬칵하고 세종대왕상 뒤쪽에 가면 문이 있어 거기 들어가면 세종대왕 이야기 전치회가 있어 거기 구경하고 체험하기 좋은 곳
    -남산타워 구경하기
    -인사동도 한번 가볼만 하다. 가면 쌈지길로 가면 아기자기 장식풀을 구경할 겸 끝까지 올라가면 작은 카페서 커피 한잔 할 겸 좋아 (똥방도 사먹기)
    -광화문에서 (주한미국 대사관 옆) 교보문고라는 서점을 가봐야 돼. 거기 책을 살 겸 문고를 충분히 살 수 있다
    -한식부페 (강요추천) 자연별곡 광화문점을 추천
    -스사도 찍기


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